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25-May-2016 07:30

Please come back one more time as you're song imply us.

I wish you “GOOD LUCK” for your successful life Since ive'd watched Boys Over the Flowers drama series,i found out beautiful.i liked your part on that drama and the way you act naturally and that is soo cute!

I'm happy you made it through your mandatory service safe and sound ???

You tackled that and came out alive..time to tackle the real world.way you can do that is to be yourself.

i have never believed that psychopath choi hye mi from the beginning, she & her evil mother were planning all these & now even when the truth has came out, no site will write about the evidences against choi hye mi & her mother, such a cruel world & such a injustice country you have hyun joong, sorry but it's the fact, believe it or not, there are so many evidences & lies from her side which is unknown to the public because they have the power of media & control them to report only her side...i hope god brings justice to you & your family as soon as possible.

Kim Hyun-Joong was a diligent student in elementary school & received high scores.

so when make your come back pls be honest with us ready to understand you.

They may process any scents in your palms and possess them smelling refreshing and clean quickly.You are singer,dancer and actor too you are multi talented.