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His machine allows him to enter the dreams of anyone and they put subliminal messages in adverts and his machine will boost this as he's putting stuff directly into peoples brains.

We then cut to a girl who I think it supposed to be Jubilee playing video games at a weird techno rave arcade place.

Though every person around her does and stands and stares at all the flying sparks, included Doctor Russell.

Some blokes come to arrest Jubilee for making sparks before Russell can get to her, and she runs through the crowd so he grabs her friend who's that guy who was the friend in the programme where the kid is the son of the devil and the devil is Ray Wise.

Not that she has a choice in this mind, they tell her that when she graduates she'll be issued with a uniform which they assure her is "quite tasteful." On route they pick up Skin from a bus and introduce him to Jubilee.

At a corporate office block doctor Russell hams it up as he explains to his boss what exactly it is he does, something about dream devices and brain monitoring.

He tells her mother that she's going to mutant camp, aka They tell her that they'd like to offer her an alternative to mutant camp, Xavier's school, Mrs Lee thinks it's a sales pitch and for some reason Emma Frost gets all bitchy and sarcy with Mrs Lee about it.

They tell her that unless she agrees to let Jubilee come with them, that Jubilee will be sent away to , happy fun camp and she'll never see her again.

Emma Frost prints off the information about Jubilee and we get a shot of the outside of a police station, which for some reason is lit in neon lights. Inside the station Jubilee's mother is giving her a good telling off for being a mutant without telling her first and giving her lip about it.

Emma Frost goes to wake up some guy who thinks he's doing an Irish accent, saying that he'll get up when she gets dressed. Jubilee's mother asks a guy not to take her away as she's only 15 and they just found out she's a mutant and not had chance to register her, the guy says that these things don't just happen and as a mutant she doesn't have any rights.Our first shot of the movie is this handy little info bite, then a shot of a human brain and a guy with some white rubber gloves, handling some medical instruments which look like they've come from the high octane nightmare fuel department and they prepare to cut into the brain of some poor sod to harvest his brain juice.

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