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As ’s Allie Jones points out: “Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have championed and protected Casey Affleck throughout his career, sending a message to the media that they are a united front…

This brotherly posing makes prestige outlets hesitant to ask the younger Affleck tough questions for fear of losing access to all three stars.” So, they wait to see how much the public really cares. Part of that is because one of the less obvious stings of toxic masculinity is that fighting it can be incredibly boring.

After nominating white people for every single acting award at last year’s ceremony, The Academy faced a massive backlash and threats of boycott.

They were asked to reckon with the fact that the awards aren’t just a fun little dinner party for them, they have real effects on who gets attention, funding, and acclaim in the film industry.

Online shame and declining ratings for a once-profitable telecast may be far more powerful than basic human decency.

That’s not ideal, but it’s a weapon for those of us who are tired of stories about men using their power to abuse and degrade women, including their own employees.

The attention is for his role in Kenneth Lonergan’s , in which he plays a Boston janitor navigating several different kinds of grief, and coming to terms with being given custody of his teenage nephew.

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have taken the lead on the complaints against Affleck — as they do almost all of the time.

If you buy into the current hype around this year’s Academy Awards, Casey Affleck is the current front-runner for Best Actor.

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