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During WWII, the Sephardic synagogue burnt down as the result of a US air raid, and the Ashkenazim shared their space with the Sephardic community.

The yeshiva also had the good fortune to be associated with a member of the extended Japanese imperial family who was enamoured with Judaism.The present community centre was built in 1970, under the direction of Albert Hamway and Vicot Moche, who came from Syria and Iran respectively, after the community raised funds and purchased the land from Rahmo Sassoon.The land was sold far below market value so that Rahmo Sassoon could further contribute to the community.Ironically, in the 1930s, the Japanese government, espoused by the fraudulent anti-Semitic text “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” which claimed that Jews had an intrinsic and almost supernatural ability to accumulate money and power, sought out a Jewish population to come to Japan.

The government believed that encouraging Jews to settle in their country would be politically and economically advantageous.He is currently writing a book about his experiences growing up in Japan during the war.