Is taylor momsen dating marilyn manson

09-Dec-2016 13:59

pilot, in which Robb takes on the Carrie Bradshaw role, is that perhaps the part would’ve been Taylor Momsen’s to lose if she hadn’t, you know, gone all Taylor Momsen on us. Am I the only one who’d LOVE to see her with a choppy bob, or maybe a pixie?

Although let’s be frank: This is actually better than everything she wore during her Fug Madness 2011 run. But hey, the rest of her is not pervy or naked, at least, and somebody finally suggested to her that if she’s hell-bent (pun intended, thanks to her shirt) on using coal like it’s kohl, a lighter lip will suffice.

Johnny took the evening to focus on music, but has lately been busy with film. Next, he pushed her down to her knees and the teen bobbed up and down suggestively while singing with her head in his crotch. Shocked viewers tweeted for the pair to "get a room" — and considering Marilyn's dating history (his ex, Evan Rachel Wood, was only 19 when they started going out) that probably wasn't out of the question after the show. Taylor and Marilyn's act was so distracting that no one even noticed Johnny Depp was standing on the stage with them playing guitar. " You know there's something wrong with the world when Cindy Lou Who and Marilyn Manson's crotch trump Johnny Depp.

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