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Bob was in New York doing the CBS morning program and he got fired, actually. It almost seems like you're trying to be filthy on purpose just to distance yourself. Suddenly Full House becomes a very appealing thing for a parent. But you wouldn't catch me dead saying some of that stuff! " and I thought it would be great to create that kind of atmosphere on the internet because it just doesn't exist and parents are really leery of all the images on the internet and the raunchy content.

So we shot the entire pilot with this other guy playing the dad. You'll become hyper-aware of what he's watching just like I did when my son started getting older. DC: (laughs) GM: And one of my favourite shows is Cold Case Files on A&E, but I won't watch it if he's in the room with me. If he thinks that works for him, it's his choice to have that freedom of expression up there. So many people say "Why aren't there shows like Full House anymore?

"I said, 'Wow, this girl is angry.' And then I said, 'Oh man, I think it's Alanis,'" Coulier revealed.

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And I started talking to him and I said, "You've got kids and I've got kids. Years ago the Red Wings made me the honorary captain of the team for the 75th anniversary of the NHL. GM: Is it just because you grew up so close to the Canadian border that you're such a hockey fan? Hockey's huge there, even when I was growing up, before there were 30 teams in the NHL, it was Red Wings and Gordie Howe. (laughs) GM: But you can say you were taught by Gordie Howe. It was really funny when I had my charity hockey game in Detroit, I became friends with Gordie Howe, my hero growing up. We're going to be doing this tour and we want to franchise out Clean Guys. Because I think the perception that a lot of people have is, "I'm a little leery of going to a comedy club because if I'm going to be sitting there with my mom or my sister, I'm going to be really uncomfortable if the guy's sitting there making genital jokes for 20 minutes." GM: It's a funny dynamic, isn't it? It's more difficult to do an hour of clean stand-up than it is to go up there and swear for an hour. "Hey, buddy, you're throwing f-bombs around and it's not funny.