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Green Arrow was then teamed up with Green Lantern Hal Jordan in a series of socially relevant stories in which the "by-the-book" Hal and "plays by his own rules" Ollie deal with issues like racism, political corruption, pollution and overpopulation.

Speedy had not been seen adventuring with his mentor in some time and this was made a plot point when it was revealed that Green Arrow's neglect had caused Roy to turn to heroin.

Connor was later revealed to be Ollie's child by a previous relationship.

Shortly after learning of their relationship, Oliver Queen died in a plane explosion.

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Some radical changes were made, moving GA from the fictional Star City to Seattle, discarding the trick arrows for the most part, removing Black Canary's sonic scream and generally avoiding the more comic-booky elements of The DCU.An explanation came during a short run in 1958, which featured artwork by Jack Kirby.In the new origin story, Oliver Queen found himself stranded on a desert island after his yacht sank.Ollie and Roy fought back using their archery skills, capturing the thieves. ")While never as popular as Batman and Robin in The Golden Age of Comic Books, Green Arrow and Speedy sold decently, and were members of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, DC Comics' second superhero team.

Oliver adopted Roy and the two decided to continue fighting crime, taking their superhero code names from comments the thieves had made during the fight (i.e. After World War II, the pair was moved to until 1964.

Oliver taught himself archery and basic hunting skills to survive.