Chat bot that can send pics

14-Sep-2016 03:17

For further clarity, on the labels: An interesting take away with Kik is the addition of Comics, Manga, and Drawing rated more highly than in Facebook.This is another opportunity to better understand your users.The API outputs labels detected with the confidence level of detection.We filtered the labels further to look at labels with greater than 90% confidence level.Males will send the same NSFW image about 5.1 times whereas females will send the same image 2.8 times.There are even users who have sent the same NSFW image over 100 times!In the case of Facebook, both male and female users send NSFW images, although it leans heavily to male users — of the NSFW images, ~90% were coming from males.The interesting thing is, while it’s a small number of users and images, the users send the images a lot!

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One of the interesting aspects of conversational interfaces is the unstructured data users send into bots — everything from text to images, stickers, video, audio, links, location maps, and more.When a user sends an NSFW image, they generally don’t send it only once.In fact, on Facebook, the same NSFW image is sent on average 4.75 times.We had a customer who didn’t realize the number of images sent to their bot and initially ignored them.

Once they saw the amount, they started responding and acknowledging the images, creating a personality for the bot that resulted in an overall increase in user engagement.

Apparently, once you’re over the threshold of sending an NSFW image, you’re ok sending the same image multiple times.